Collection: Boen Laundry Sheets

Detergent in the form of laundry strips.

Boen was founded by Dingena Verkerk (Sustainability Consultant) and Rixt Singelsma (Digital Product Designer). They conceived Boen on the one hand out of frustration (we throw a container of plastic into the sea every minute...?) and on the other hand optimism: there are so many smart solutions!

A detergent in the form of laundry strips that dissolve completely, so nothing is left behind in your washing machine. Yes, even at 30 degrees wash. It is suitable for your white, black, colored, and delicate laundry, so you no longer have to buy different types of detergent. The laundry strips are gentle on your clothes, hypoallergenic, and smell fresh & floral after the wash without being overpowering.

Boen's laundry strips contain only plant-based ingredients and are not tested on animals. In addition, you save 90% CO2 per package and the product itself is biodegradable. Not only good for the planet but also for animals and those who live a vegan lifestyle.