15 Products for an Eco Friendly Bathroom

15 Products for an Eco Friendly Bathroom

In a world where it's more important than ever to prioritize the health of our planet, every little change we make can create a ripple effect of positive impact.

Bathrooms often become overlooked spaces when it comes to sustainability, yet they are hotspots for plastic waste and water consumption. By focusing on this everyday space, we can significantly reduce our environmental footprint.

In this blog post, we're excited to share with you our list of "15 Products for an Eco Friendly Bathroom". These selections are not just environmentally friendly - they also foster a culture of sustainability, promote local economies, and help you make more informed decisions about the products you bring into your home.

From organic cotton towels to sustainable soya cancles, these are products that are set to transform your bathroom and make it more sustainable.

So, whether you're a seasoned eco-warrior or just starting on your journey to a greener lifestyle, this guide will help you make your bathroom a more sustainable space.

15 Products for an Eco Friendly Bathroom

01. Taart & Bloem / Luscious Summer - Wooden Wick Soy Candle

taart & bloem

Made with natural soy wax and a wooden wick, this candle is sure to fill your bathroom with the fresh, fruity scent of black raspberries and peppercorns.

Taart & Bloem Candles are 100% handmade candles, with all ingredients mixed, poured and located manually.


02. Little by Little - by Little Lady / Recycled cotton mini plant hanger 'Lolo'

The 'Lolo' is a Handmade Plant hanger made from 100% recycled cotton.

The wooden ring used is upcycled from old curtain hangers.

This is tiny plant hanger made especially for the handmade plant pots, but it can be used with any small plant pot.


03. Serra Antwerp / Lido

Reminiscing childhood memories at the beach Lido is timeless.

Pre-washed and pre-shrunk for great absorbency and softness.

Made in Portugal.


04. Cinque Sensi / Roomspray: Camellia & Grapefruit

The sweet encounter between the delicate Camellia and the strong personality of Grapefruit blossoms amongst the irises on a full musky base.

Cinque Sensi room sprays offer moments of well-being and olfactory pleasure.


05. Cinque Sensi / Reed Diffusor: Cedarwood & Date

The captivating woody essence evokes the warm landscapes of the desert through a sweet accord between notes of leather, date and honey.

Using only high quality raw materials, Cinque Sensi diffusers flood the surrounding environment with perfume, making it comfortable and welcoming.


06. Soypa / Soap Saver Wool Handmade

Biodegradable, washed jute or sisal soap bag. Exfoliate your skin with natural fibers and your favorite soap.

Jute is more gentle, while using sisal soap saver is comparable with use of salt peeling.


07. Minimuc Design Studio / Lemon Pie Soap

Purifying Activated Charcoal Soap

Named after the delicious, traditional Greek treat 'Υποβρύχιο', served submerged in an ice-cold glass of water. Associated with summer evenings at granny's balcony. With a clean and playful scent.

Activated charcoal, also known as black gold or detox superstar, is good at trapping chemicals and prevents their absorption. Because of its gritty yet soft texture, activated charcoal serves as a natural, gentle exfoliant. It can slough off dead skin cells, to reveal the healthy glow of the fresh new skin underneath. Activated charcoal’s antibacterial and antifungal properties can help heal damaged skin.

For Face and Body. Can be used daily. For those with particularly dry or sensitive skin, less frequent usage might be more appropriate. Highly beneficial in the treatment of acne.


08. Urban Africa Naturals / African Black Soap

African Black Soap is the popular natural soap from West Africa. Our Black Soap is produced in Ghana. The soap thoroughly cleanses the skin and reduces pores, in addition, the soap fights oily skin, acne, eczema, pimples, but also skin rashes and (head) skin irritations.

Also very suitable as a shampoo and ideal if you have an irritated scalp, for example due to scalp flakes or by using products with chemical additives.


09. Aromalogic / Velvet Dream - Body Cream 225 ml

Velvet Dream is an ecologic Body Cream rich in antioxidants and vitamins fortified with vegetable oils and essences.

This cream softens, protects, and firms the skin, leaving it flexible, supple, and velvety to the touch. It has a de-stressing, relaxing, and purifying effect. Skin irritations disappear quicklyl!

The essences, balance the nervous system and rejuvenate the skin. Velvet Dream absorbs quickly and is well absorbed by the skin.

PS ~ mosquitoes don't like this fragrance & you can also use it for babies.


10. Bliss Organics / Kapha Face Oil

For oily congested skin with frankincense, sweet orange & guggul.

Natural and Organic – Free from Parabens, Palm Oil, Sulphates & Chemicals. Ideal for oily, congested skin.

Kapha rejuvenating blend combines a mix of invigorating, uplifting & soothing ingredients for a clear, smooth complexion. With the rich lemony, balsamic scent of frankincense & the warm citrus fragrance of sweet orange it uplifts the spirit & relives congestion. The anti-inflammatory qualities of Guggul calms flare ups.


11. Broosha / Earth Dust Clay Mask

Not just the classic clay masque but a mixture of 4 clays, 3 of which from Sardinia, and very precious Ayurvedic plant powders.

The very delicate Kaolin (White Clay) is added to the Sardinian Red, Green and Multani Clays to create a unique formula embellished with other powders such as Rose Petals, Hibiscus, Rice, Turmeric and Orange Peel.

Suitable for delicate and sensitive skin, it leaves the face surprisingly smooth and soft. Clays are a primary component of the earth's surface, rich in minerals and vitamins, they are able to penetrate inside the pores, attract impurities and leave them free and clean. The difference between the various clays is due to the presence of different minerals that give them a particular color: iron colors red and potassium give the clay a green nuance.


12. EmeraBio Cosmetics / Cleansing Milk Burdock & Tea Tree Oil

Delicate and creamy milk, indicated for removing make-up, impurities and excess sebum from the skin of the face and neck. The synergy between Burdock extract and Tea Tree essential oil has an astringent and purifying effect on the pores.

VeganOk certified product. You can view the product formula on the VeganOk website.


13. Food for Skin / Facial Tissue

Wonderful cleansing cloth for the face, in addition to the Carrot Oil Cleanser. After applying the Carrot Oil Cleanser, you can wipe with this cloth with gentle circular movements, so that make-up and dirt are removed well and dead skin cells are removed super mildly.


14. Food for Skin / Carrot Cleanser

This soothing and repairing oil cleanser is gentle on all skin types, face and eyes. The cleanser brings your skin in top condition and stimulates the skin to produce more collagen. Let your face indulge on vitamins B1, B2, C and a decent serving of antioxidants.

Keep in mind that the oil cleanser cleans and feeds your skin, rather than just cleansing. After cleansing, you will see that your face has a glow because it is clean and fed with vitamins.


15. Botaniq Luxe / Caffeine Gel Booster

Gel-consistency caffeine concentrate helps to decrease puffiness and improves the look of tired skin. Especially beneficial for the skin around the eyes. To use: mix 1- 2 drops in your moisturizer and massage into the skin until it is fully absorbed.



And there you have it - our comprehensive guide to "15 Products for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom.” Each of these items illustrates that environmentally conscious decisions can extend into every corner of our lives, even our bathrooms.

By choosing to invest in these products, you are not only opting for quality and utility but also contributing positively to our planet's health.

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