An Interview with Madeleine from Candle Salon

An Interview with Madeleine from Candle Salon

In this interview, we speak with Madeleine, owner of Candle Salon, a candle boutique that makes eco-friendly, luxury candles.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in the Ivory Coast and moved to The Netherlands at the age of five. As the youngest of seven children, you can imagine how spoiled I am! I am a mother of four and married to my high school sweetheart.

What is the story behind Candle Salon?

I got a gift voucher and bought a candle with it as my colleague advised me to do . I was so in love that I wanted something to do something with this. I started practicing and researching formulas and recipes. I wanted to be plant-based, organic, and free of chemicals and it took me a year until I had a formula that I was a big fan of. That is how Candle Salon was born.

What is your favorite Candle product? Why?

It is quite difficult to choose, like choosing who is your favorite child. They’re all my babies, I love them all. But if I was to choose one I would say Hidden Figs. It is earthy and always sets the right mood with a warm sensual scent. It’s a warm and loving candle, a bit strong but nice.

Do you have a favorite spot in Amsterdam? Why / What does it represent to you?

Not a particularly favorite spot but I love the canals like Prinsengracht or Herengracht. I love to bike next to the canals. It is a dream of mine to be able to open a shop close to the canals one day!

What does local craftsmanship mean to you?

Local craftsmanship means its small and not industrial. It’s about people that know what they are doing and know their business, know how to create something beautiful; and others recognizing this, and loving what they are making. It also about selling to locals who always come back to you or tourists that want a souvenir from a country they visited.

If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

I would famous for being an entrepreneur or business guru, helping and investing in companies, and helping young entrepreneurs do what they love to do and be successful at it.

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

Attieke with fried fish (probably Salmon) and some tomatoes and peppers. I think that would be my favorite meal to eat for the rest of my life.

Best book you’ve ever read?

A book from Oprah Winfrey called What I Know For Sure. I really got inspired by that book to be an even better person. One of the most important lessons I got from this book was to learn to know my intentions. Asking yourself what are your real intentions behind the choices that you make and the things that you do. I read this book years ago but still until today, I often wonder and ask myself what is your real intention, and why do you do what you are going to do. I think this book really changed my life.

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