An Interview with Studio Roem

An Interview with Studio Roem

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

We are Anne & Jeroen from Studio Roem, we have been making leather bags and goods by hand in our studio in Amsterdam since 2014. Our creations are made from high-quality durable leather. The collection is timeless and does not change with the seasons.

What is the story behind Studio Roem?

When we traveled across the globe we saw many people making handcrafted items, and realized this was no longer happening in the Netherlands.

At this point a few things came together. Anne had completed her course to become a leather crafter and with Jeroen’s background as a product developer we came up with the idea to bring this craft over to our home country. We have now made our dream come true and brought back leather craftsmanship to the city centre of Amsterdam.

What is your favorite Studio Roem product and why?

Our all time favourites are the leather belts with brass buckles and our leather notebook covers. Useful products that you can use every day and will last for a long time.

Do you have a favorite spot in Amsterdam? Why / What does it represent to you?

We really love “Prinseneiland”, it’s one of the most pristine neighbourhoods close to the centre. You feel like stepping back in time. We love to go there for a walk, or go by boat. During summer time you can even have a swim and jump in the water from one of the small bridges they have over there.

What does shopping local mean to you?

Shopping locally means that you care about quality and that you love the story behind how products are made.

What is your favorite type of music to play in the atelier?

Alpha Blondy is one of the few artists with only good songs. He is Ivorian and sings his reggae songs in many languages. Alpha Blondy is best listened to at the at sunset!

What’s your favorite place of all the places you’ve traveled?

Definitely Mexico, it has it all: good food, great beaches, culture and lovely people!

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