Let’s talk Passion — Studio Roem

Let’s talk Passion — Studio Roem

“Maybe it’s something you wish you had more time for, like knitting or practicing yoga, cooking or running. Maybe it’s something that requires some extra planning, like writing or working with kids. Whatever your answer, recognizing a passion and summoning the confidence and drive to live it contributes to your whole beauty. Working to achieve happiness in this way reminds you of your worthiness and the loveliness of your unique talents and view of the world — and helps others see you in the same, beautiful light.” - Canyon Ranch

Studio Roem

Since 2014, Studio Roem is known for its leather craftsmanship in the city centre of Amsterdam. Their day-by-day activities include crafting bags and goods by hand made from high-quality, durable leather. Their collection is contemporary, and does not change with the seasons.

Each product is unique and tells a compelling story. Inspiration for their products is found in nature, with animals from all over the world playing a leading role.

Studio Roem is characterized by their responsibility for the environment. The bags are made from the large pieces of leather, and accordingly the leather that remains is used for their small leather products. That’s why their waste is little to none.

Jeroen & Anne

Jeroen and Anne are the two proud founders of Studio Roem. Both brought their own passion into the business and found a way to make it complementary.

Jeroen started out as a mechanical engineer but eventually found his interests in visualization. Throughout the years, he followed his heart and became a product and graphic designer. On the other hand, Anne had always been a creative soul. Her passion for craftsmanship has begun when she was just a little kid. She was always busy messing around with rope, knitting, and crocheting. And pretty early she knew she was being drawn to bags. She remembered how she was continuously begging her mom for one. After high school, she got into the Academic of Dance and it was since then she pictured for herself a career in the creative industry. That’s why at some point she decided to pursue her childhood love, and followed a course to become a leather crafter.

When Anne and Jeroen went traveling across the globe, they saw many people making handcrafted items. Both realized that this does not really happen back in the Netherlands. At this point a few things came together. Anne had completed her course to become a leather crafter and with Jeroen’s background as a product developer, both came up with the idea to bring this craft over to their home country.

Today, Anne and Jeroen made their dream come through and brought back the leather craftsmanship to the city centre of Amsterdam.

Your Passion…

Learn from Anne and Jeroen and their story. Finding ways to integrate the stuff that you enjoy into each day of your living life is your way of saying: “I believe in myself. I deserve this. I can do this.” People often mention the word “YOLO” - you only live once-; we won’t debate you on whether the word holds a positive meaning or not, but objectively you do only get one life, which is definitely more fun when you’re doing stuff you love. Whether doing so is easy or difficult, nurturing and showcasing your love of life in this way plays an important part in who you are. And listening to the story of Jeroen & Anne, going for your passion is always worthwhile.

We, as La Boutique, have found our passion in helping our local retailers, and showcasing the beauty and craftsmanship of these artists. We want to engage with you and take you with us on our journey. We hope we have contributed, even if it’s a little bit, to inspire you in following your passion.

Fun fact: Both Jeroen and Anne’s favorite artist is the famous reggae singer Alpha Blondy, whom originally comes from Ivory Coast. What a coincidence that our founder Stephane Kattie is also born there. Great taste guys :)

Inspired by the story of Jeroen & Anne? You can shop their leather products now on La Boutique!

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