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Wilder Land

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Back to Black Blend

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Not black, but almost black. Off Black. Famous seasonings Samuel Levie and Diego Prado pointed us to other plants such as fireweed that at least rival traditional black tea.

Tea Sommelier Anne:
"Robust yet refined with blackcurrant leaf and fireweed. Full of flavor."

Also suitable as iced tea.


Fireweed, blackcurrant leaf, strawberry leaf, cornflower

Flavor Profile

Black & Spicy

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About Wilder Land

Together towards a Wilder Land.

We work with farmers, seasonings, and gourmets on a Wilder Land. We plant local and native crops from which we make the most delicious products. Which you can enjoy, which farmers can live off of, and which attract as many animal species as possible. Nature recovery to lick your fingers.