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Bloomsbury Candles

Becalm Wax Melt

Becalm Wax Melt

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Lavender and Vanilla fragrance will help you with relaxing and calming down. Have you had stressing day at work? No worries, you will find your piece with my wax melt. It's well-known how lavender is perfect for getting rid of stress. Just put one cube on a wax melter, lay back and free your mind, just relax. Everything will be alright!

If you're fan of lavender + vanilla combination, this wax melt is just ideal! The product contains 9% of fragrance, which makes it intensive, you will smell it in your entire room within few minutes.
The package contains 6 cubes of 80 g. of natural soy wax melt in total.

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About Bloomsbury Candles

Handcrafted scented soy wax candles and wax melts made by Monika.

Our products are created in order to provide the highest comfort to our customers and the feeling of happiness with each use of our candles and wax melts.