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Minimuc Design Studio

Full Ritual Collection

Full Ritual Collection

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All our handmade, natural candles in one package! We are delighted to offer you the full Rituals Set Collection including:

- Signature Rituals Set: 20 pure beeswax small candles (burning time 30 minutes) & ceramic base
- Large Rituals Set: 5 pure beeswax large candles (burning time 3.5 hours) & ceramic base
- XLarge Rituals Set: 5 XL pure beeswax candles (burning time 5.5 hours) & ceramic base

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About Minimuc Design Studio

The art of simple & connected living.
Rooted in architecture, our mission is to help you create an environment that nourishes your soul. To pause & breathe. To hug & smile. To cleanse & heal. Every product is designed in our studio in Eindhoven and made by hand in Amsterdam, using natural, carefully selected ingredients and reclaimed materials. By honoring life and the beauty of everyday things, we invite you to discover the magic in the mundane.