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Little by Little Sports

Sustainable Unisex Sports Socks - 'Limited edition'

Sustainable Unisex Sports Socks - 'Limited edition'

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100% sustainable unisex stockings. Warm and comfortable in style.

For this we work together with the Dutch Vodde. So we have to admit that these stockings are not 100% Belgian, but they are Dutch.

Properties and composition

  • 52% recycled cotton (collected pieces of fabric)
  • 44% recycled polyester (collected PET bottles)
  • 4% elastane


Our recycled materials, the Belgian production process, marketing, our sales partners, ... These are all conscious choices in which we strive for the most sustainable option. This and much more is part of our cost structure and helps determine our pricing. Sustainable choices can only be made if we are transparent about this.

Belgian & Sustainable

We are proud to say that our entire coastal route collection is made in Belgium. We work with recycled fabrics and production takes place just a few tens of kilometers from your home.

Care Guide

We ensure a sustainable production process and the delivery of a quality product, now it is up to you to guarantee sustainable care. We would like to give you some tips.

1. Wash our products at a maximum of 30 degrees
2. Use of fabric softener is not necessary. If desired, you can use a little vinegar to remove strong odors.
3. Avoid a dryer.
4. Wear it as much possible.
5. Recycle it when you can no longer wear it.

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About Little by Little Sports

Little by Little stands for Belgian sustainable sportswear that inspires to run. At Little by Little, we believe in pervasive sustainability. We strive for the most sustainable option in every activity we perform.

Our clothing is made in Belgium. This not only allows us to reduce miles in transportation, but we also produce under the strictest environmental standards and with respect for everyone involved. Just as it should be!