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Little by Little - by Little Lady

Fair fashion unisex hoodie 'Sunset' - white

Fair fashion unisex hoodie 'Sunset' - white

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These sunset hoodies will make you feel like you're somewhere on a cliff on a beautiful spring day, looking out over the ocean with a soft breeze in your hair and the air getting a little more chilly.
Their fabric is very soft and cozy, so you can cuddle up with your sunset-watching buddies and feel completely at home.

Ethically made by Stanley/Stella (and designed by Little By Little).
Stanley/Stella work only with organic cotton and recycled materials. They are GOTS Certified and are part of the Fair Wear Foundation, which ensures ethical work environments and fair wages for all of the people involved in creating the clothes.

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About Little by Little - by Little Lady

Little by Little is a Belgian based sustainable clothing and homeward brand.
With our focus on ethical production processes and eco-friendly materials, we provide you with the best quality, while being kind to the planet and all of us living on it.