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GOA Premium Meditation Cork Cushion

GOA Premium Meditation Cork Cushion

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Goa’s Cushion is designed to be used during your meditation or yoga practices.

This amazing cushion is made of high-quality cork fabric. It is resistant, durable, lightweight and easy to carry around. With a generous height, you will be sitting comfortably for a longer period.

Perfect as a meditation seat or floor cushion for a peaceful and relaxing practice. With Goa’s meditation cushion you will forget your body and the sounds around you. You will only focus on your favourite mediation technic.

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Acting on the furniture, lighting and homeware items retail trade field, Grøn Home’s mission is to offer a carefully selected set of products, exclusively made in Portugal, while keeping ethical, sustainable, ecological and social impact aware practices, in order to help protect the planet and contribute to everybody’s wellbeing.