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High Quality Bamboo Top - Hand Dyed

High Quality Bamboo Top - Hand Dyed

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This Bamboo top is unique. Hand dyed with madder root in a vibrant, fiery red ("Turkish Red"), orange colour.

Madder is a classical natural dye and made from the root of the madder plant.

This top has a beautiful heavy thread. Bamboo feels like silk to your skin. Perfect slim fit. Available in different sizes.

Available with colour strap: fiery red/ orange.

This top also combines perfect with other products from our shop.

You can wear this top underneath a sweater or jacket. Or wear it with trousers/ skirt during Summer times.


Care Guide

Bamboo fabric will maintain its special qualities when washed in cold water. Put inside out when washing your top. Alternatively, you can use warm water (up to 40 degrees Celsius). Use a gentle detergent, free of bleach. Dry the top, on the low or delicate setting in the dryer. Do not use fabric softener when drying. Or you can choose for line-drying the Bamboo top.
You can iron Bamboo fabric on the lowest heat setting. Most wrinkles fall out if you hang the clothing immediately after drying.

Fabric Details

• Natural shine and softness comparable with silk

• Bamboo is easy to maintain and keeps its quality. It is preferable to wash this top in a laundry bag

• Bamboo is soft and does not irritate on your skin even if you have a sensitive skin

• Bamboo is anti-bacterial and anti-fungus

• Bamboo absorbs 3-4 times more moisture than cotton, wearing bamboo clothing is best choice for Summer days

• Bamboo is more breathable and can regulate warmth better than cotton, hemp or other materials, best choice for Cold days

• Bamboo has also like Coffee Fabric, the unique quality of being resistant to harmful UV rays.

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Undercharments is a sustainable lingerie brand. For our lingerie we use Coffee Fabric which is made from Spent Coffee Ground. The other fabrics we use are Bamboo, Lyocell and Recycled Cotton.

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