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Lemir Memoar Jewels

Jewel Memoar Bracelet With Round Charm "Nodini" Silver 925

Jewel Memoar Bracelet With Round Charm "Nodini" Silver 925

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Whatever style you want to tell your story with, Lemir jewels in (925 Sterling Silver) are perfect to embellish your look.

The circular shape of the pendant, its volumes and its grooves create a delicate mix of soft and natural lines, adapting to every taste.

Embellished with the stamp, also round, depicting the heart , emblem of the affection of those who give it and forever present alongside those who receive it.

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About Lemir Memoar Jewels

The “Memoar” jewels are the ideal gift to make those you love feel that you are close to them.

Lemir jewels are hand-finished and made with precious materials, destined to last over time like the memories contained within them.