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Leather Shoes 'Urschuhe' - Brown

Leather Shoes 'Urschuhe' - Brown

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Let your little one's feet breathe naturally: These soft barefoot shoes develop the feet muscles of your child and give the feeling of direct contact with the ground. The design is directly based on that of the historical roman sandals “Carbatinae”.

The shoes offer protection without compromising the feel of walking barefoot. To achieve this effect the shoes are made of one piece. The absence of thick cushioning soles promotes the development of feet muscles and gives the feeling of direct contact with the ground. The shoes adapt and form themselves to the shape of the feet.

For out/indoor use.
Handcrafted in the Snekkerbuks atelier in Amsterdam.

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About Snekkerbuks

Snekkerbuks is an Amsterdam design & sewing atelier founded in 2012 by Kristin Maurer.

All Snekkerbuks products are handmade in a small sewing studio in the heart of Amsterdam.