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Liquid Black Soap

Liquid Black Soap

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Liquid African Black Soap is very authentic and is traditionally handmade in Ghana . 100 % natural and free of chemicals and preservatives, as you are used to from our range. Black Soap is highly concentrated and therefore economical in use, due to the addition of unrefined community trade Shea Butter, the soap is very mild and suitable for all skin types.

Black soap has a number of therapeutic properties for skin problems such as acne, eczema, pimples, rashes and (scalp) skin irritations. In addition, the soap shrinks your pores and reduces skin impurities. Shea Butter also provides a well-hydrated and soft skin.

As a shampoo, you can use the soap for all hair types, except thin, straight hair. For people who do not respond well to shampoos with chemical additives or who suffer from an irritated scalp, this soap offers a solution. The soap thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp and the Shea Butter in the soap makes the hair immediately hydrated and cared for.

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