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My Bonnie - Face Creme 50 ml

My Bonnie - Face Creme 50 ml

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Infused with essential oils, My Bonnie is ecologically rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. This full yet light face cream for men and women provides all the essential nutrients to stimulate vitality, hydrate the skin, and protect it from aggressive external influences. The skin exudes health and gives a radiant youthful complexion.

The cream feels fresh, is easily absorbed and has a gentle herbal note. A vitamin booster and a quick solution for dry, irritated or stressed skin. This softly scented cream brings immediate radiant glow thanks to its active plant ingredients.

How to Use

Remove any makeup, sweat, oil, or dirt, wash your face with water, then freshen with lotion. Apply the face cream on damp skin to seal better the water in the pores.

Using the tips of your fingers, carefully massage your skin, starting with the center of your face outward. Make small circular movements to help the cream penetrate your skin and to stimulate the skin cells.

Made Of

6 types of coldpressed ecologically plant oils with 6 types of essential oils.

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About Aromalogic

Since the 1990s, the lab at 'House of Hulsman' has been making products from luxurious plant oils and pure essences. These essences and oils are derived from plants and are 100% pure and mostly organic. These traditional earth products are not only completely natural but also heal the skin and bring you into balance.