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Pine Wood Body Scrub

Pine Wood Body Scrub

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We are sure that you are familiar with salt scrub. Sugar scrub, and the coffee scrub too. Well, we promise you, you've never tried something like that before.

Our Pure Pine Wood Body Scrub is the luxurious and skin-friendly alternative to salt & sugar scrub. It is a 100% natural product, made of pure pine wood and essential oils. The unique microfibers of the pine, are mildly cleansing, stimulating, and pampering even the most sensitive skin. Now you are thinking "Wood Scrub? That sounds a bit weird. Not to mention hard for my skin". And we know it well because this was our first reaction too. But then we gave it a try. And ever since no other scrub exists in our vocabulary!

Soap-free, pH neutral, vegan, and suitable for daily use.
With a delicious and subtle scent of bamboo.

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