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Love, Nena

Pressed 1 Stone Ring Gold Plated

Pressed 1 Stone Ring Gold Plated

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The metal is pressed to change its original shape from symmetrical to asymmetrical. A process of surrendering and embracing the unexpected.

Responsible stones. Love, Nena uses cubic zirconia stones. Zirconia has a small carbon footprint, does not contribute to deforestation or negative ecosystem impacts, and it doesn’t require mining. It’s a diamond alternative with strong durability and refractive properties, while being environmentally and socially friendly.

Made in Amsterdam

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About Love, Nena

Female founded brand with jewellery designed and responsibly handmade in the centre of Amsterdam, where each piece is slowly made one at a time.

We believe that jewellery is an expression of your uniqueness and should be used as a way of standing out for who you really are.