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Food for Skin

Pumpkin Serum (Ages 40-55)

Pumpkin Serum (Ages 40-55)

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The Pumpkin serum helps to renew the skin. Vitamins A, C and E from pumpkin and broccoli make your skin smooth and soft. Pumpkin contains a lot of zinc and selenium, which is indispensable for the recovery of the skin and the maintenance of its elastic fibers. The combination of pumpkin with broccoli and chia seed oil slows down skin aging.

How to Use

In the morning: First make sure your skin is clean (e.g. with the Food for Skin carrot cleansing oil) and then feed' your skin with the Tomato base cream: gently apply the Tomato base cream to clean skin with your fingertips to be ready for the day.

Mix a drop of Pumpkin serum with the Tomato base cream to make your day cream slightly fuller and more nourishing in times when your skin needs something extra, for example in the winter months or after a busy weekend.

In the evening: cleanse your skin with the Food for Skin Carrot oil cleanser and mix the Tomato base cream with a few drops of Pumpkin serum.

Extra: apply the Pumpkin serum twice a week in the evening generously on clean skin, without Tomato base cream, to feed the skin a bit extra. Gently massage any leftovers into the skin the next morning.

Made Of

1. Pumpkin seed oil - has a soothing effect
2. Cucumber seed extract - works  moisturizing
3. Chia seed oil - has a soothing effect
4. Broccoli seed oil - is protective
5. Candeia tree extract - has a healing effect
6. Sea buckthorn oil - is protective
7. Sunflower oil- improves  the skin barrier
8. Rosemary Leaf Extract - An Organic Antioxidant
9. Q10 - antioxidant that provides vitality

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About Food for Skin

Many know that it is good to eat a lot of organic vegetables, that your body feels good about it. But few know that your skin, your largest organ, also wants to be fed with all those vitamins and minerals. Cathy & Angela created Food for Skin to bring well-functioning, no-nonsense, and beautiful products to the market.

Clean & Green skincare - made in NL