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Bloomsbury Candles

Purify Wax Melt

Purify Wax Melt

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The scent is named Clean Cotton. It refreshes interiors like bathroom, kitchen, living room, hall. It makes you feel like everything around you is clean and safe.
It reminds fresh clean laundry cotton sheets, drying on the sun in the summertime.
The scent is strong due to 9% of content of fragrance in the wax.

The wax used is 100% eco soy wax, safe for environment and nature. Every package of wax melt, contains circa 80 g. of wax, 6 cubics. One cubic could be used several times.

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About Bloomsbury Candles

Handcrafted scented soy wax candles and wax melts made by Monika.

Our products are created in order to provide the highest comfort to our customers and the feeling of happiness with each use of our candles and wax melts.