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Shea Butter Hand & Foot Cream

Shea Butter Hand & Foot Cream

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Shea Butter Hand and Foot Cream provides care for dry and chapped hands with chapped, cracked, sensitive cuticles and dry feet and heels. The quickly absorbing and protective cream makes your hands and feet soft and supple again. This airy buttery cream also cares for the cuticles and the thin skin around the nails and does not leave a greasy feeling on the hands.

The cream contains unrefined Shea butter & Cocoa Butter , enriched with cold-pressed coconut oil and peppermint oil so that the skin is optimally hydrated. Especially the Shea butter ensures that your skin, cuticles and heels become soft.

As a foot cream it softens calluses and cracks immediately. Nourishes (extremely) dry, rough and cracked heels. The refreshing effect of peppermint oil stimulates blood flow, creating more peace and elasticity in your feet and legs. Your feet and legs will feel fresh again!

You will notice that cracks in your feet become less painful with repeated use and your skin will regain its natural elasticity. The butter also provides protection, which prevents chapping and rough skin.

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