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Sleeping Beauty - Surrender Mix 15 ml

Sleeping Beauty - Surrender Mix 15 ml

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The Sleeping Beauty is a concentrated mix of ecological essences. By calming the brain, the mind, and the nervous system, the combination reduces stress and allows the soul to surrender to rest.

At times of panic attacks and a Burned out it helps to surrender to a calm state of mind.

The Sleeping Beauty mix relaxes your brains and soul while you sleep and makes you wake up more rested.

* Highly recommended and tested by Cradle and Baby Balanc.

How to Use

Pour 1-3 drops on your pillow before going to bed.

Made Of

100 % pure essential oils.

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About Aromalogic

Since the 1990s, the lab at 'House of Hulsman' has been making products from luxurious plant oils and pure essences. These essences and oils are derived from plants and are 100% pure and mostly organic. These traditional earth products are not only completely natural but also heal the skin and bring you into balance.