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Sweet Grapes / Body oil

Sweet Grapes / Body oil

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Fruity & luscious grapeseed oil, to reconnect with your body. For your skin-care / skin-love routine. Body oiling hydrates the skin, our body's largest organ, which is loaded with nerve endings. Hydrating the skin not only keeps our skin looking and feeling healthy, but it also soothes the nervous system by keeping those nerve endings lubricated. Vinifera Oil, commonly known as grapeseed oil, is extracted from the tiny seeds of grapes. It has a silky texture, absorbs easily, and balances skin tone. It restores elasticity and protects the skin from environmental damage. High in amounts of omega fatty acids – especially linoleic acid – and vitamin E, helps maintain healthy moisture levels in the skin, while linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, helps control acne by decreasing clogged pores. Comes in a 100ml amber glass bottle with a pipette. Daily use, for a soft & supple skin. All skin types. Vegan.
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