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Studio Roem



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This TENT bag is made from a recycled de Waard tent in combination with cowhide leather. Just like our leather, the canvas is indestructible and, above all, lasts for years.

Users of the TENT shopper are reminded of their great camping trips from the past. This bag has already seen a lot of the World but would like to travel with you.

On the outside of each product you will find a print of the leatherback turtle. The only animal with a leathery skin instead of a carapace. The leatherback turtle is extraordinarily special, loves to travel and symbolizes the unique handmade products of Studio Roem.

Handmade in Amsterdam by Studio Roem.

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About Studio Roem

Jeroen and Anne are the two proud founders of Studio Roem. Both brought their own passion into the business and found a way to make it complementary.

Since 2014, Studio Roem is known for its leather craftsmanship in the city centre of Amsterdam. Their day-by-day activities include crafting bags and goods by hand made from high-quality, durable leather. Their collection is contemporary, and does not change with the seasons.