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thies 1856 ® Cornslipper vegan navy aus Mais gefertigt (W/M/X)

thies 1856 ® Cornslipper vegan navy aus Mais gefertigt (W/M/X)

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The corn slippers from thies ® are made from soft tech mesh made from non-food corn. The slippers are unisex, ultra-light, the outsole is made of recyclable, real rubber and is made without annoying seams. The shoe is ideal for all seasons and even barefoot!

The slippers are so comfortable and non-marking that they are perfect for indoor use, at home, in the office, in the gym or yoga studio etc.

The silhouette and fit is timeless and stylish. The ideal, sustainable favorite shoe for everyday life!

GRS ® certified and Peta ® approved vegan. Fairly produced in Spain.

The packaging is also eco-friendly and made entirely from recycled paper.

The insole is removable and also made from recycled material.

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About thies

Sustainable coziness since 1856 ™

6th generation family run footwear brand based in Munich, Germany.

thies 1856 ® and its beloved iconic squirrel ™ represent the original eco, fair, innovative footwear brand.