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Food for Skin

Tomato Base Cream

Tomato Base Cream

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This 24-hour cream for all skin types and ages is a real powerhouse filled with antioxidants, which ensures that your skin is hydrated and gets a lot to 'eat': vitamin E from broccoli and avocado is combined with tomato that protects your skin from pollution.

Nice to know: the tomato oil comes from the peels and seeds of tomatoes from a real Italian tomato sauce factory. Normally these would be thrown away, but now it has been given a second life!

How to Use

First, make sure your skin is clean (e.g. with Food for Skin's Carrot cleansing oil) and then 'feed' your facial skin with the Tomato base cream: gently apply the Tomato base cream to clean skin with your fingertips to be readty for the day. A little bit is enough!

In the evening: cleanse your skin with, for example, the Food for Skin Carrot oil cleanser and apply the Tomato base cream single, or mix it with a few drops of serum (cucumber, pumpkin or avocado - depending on your age).

Made Of

1. Juice from the tomato(plant) - protects the skin
2. Tomato seed oil - softens the skin
3. Avocado oil - protects and heals the skin
4. Broccoli seed oil - protects
5. Glycerin - hydration
6. Polyglyceryl-2-stearaat is a botanical binding agent
7. Shea-karite butter - stimulates the recovery of the skin and protects from dehydration.
8. Lycopene from the tomato peel; protects against pollution and is a powerful antioxidant.
9. Natural binding agent.
10. Soft, fatty (so less aggravating) natural alcohol.
11. Citric acid - for the PH balance
12. Konjac seed oil - scent from essential oil
13. Konjac root extract - to keep skin hydrated
14. Amino acid to protect against weather influences.
15. Sunflower oil - softening and rich of oily fatty acids.
16. Myrrh oil - revitalising
17. Lemongrass oil - calming
18. Vitamine E - antioxidant
19. Natural solvent
20. Amino acid for the PH balance
21. Natural acid for preservation
22. Aqua - natural solvent
23. Linalool - from essential oils
24. Limonene - from essential oils
25. Geraniol - from essential oils
26. Sodium as preservative
27. Potassium as preservative
28. Citral - from essential oils

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About Food for Skin

Many know that it is good to eat a lot of organic vegetables, that your body feels good about it. But few know that your skin, your largest organ, also wants to be fed with all those vitamins and minerals. Cathy & Angela created Food for Skin to bring well-functioning, no-nonsense, and beautiful products to the market.

Clean & Green skincare - made in NL