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Cinque Sensi

Tosca: Mandarin Lipbalm

Tosca: Mandarin Lipbalm

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Tosca is a delicate, nourishing lip conditioner that softens and deeply nourishes, rich in antioxidant properties found naturally in cacao. Enriched with essential oil of Calabrian mandarin, it has a fruity tang with a note of sweet spiciness.

Made in Italy.

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About Cinque Sensi

Cinque Sensi was born out of the founders desire to connect with her heritage and work with artisans from back home in Italy, to elevate and uphold the art of plant-based cosmetics and fragrances. Cinque Sensi is an ode to craftsmanship and Mother Nature, with a focus on upholding traditional methods using botanical ingredients that draw on modern science. Each natural ingredient is carefully selected to create a memorable olfactory experience inspired by the surrounding lands. We only use substances of natural origin and derivation.