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Velvet Dream - Body Cream 100ml

Velvet Dream - Body Cream 100ml

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Velvet Dream is a cold-pressed vegetal ecologic Body Cream in a formula rich in antioxidants and vitamins fortified with essences.

Nourishes, softens, protects SPF 30, and firms the skin. Immediately makes the skin flexible, supple, and velvety soft. The Body Cream has a de-stressing, relaxing and purifying effect. Skin irritations disappear quickly!

Due to the added essences it balances the nervous system and rejuvenates the skin. Velvet Dream absorbs quickly and is well absorbed by the skin it leaves a beautiful shine. Nice to know; mosquitoes don't like this fragrance, you can also use this for babies.

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About Aromalogic

Since the 1990s, the lab at 'House of Hulsman' has been making products from luxurious plant oils and pure essences. These essences and oils are derived from plants and are 100% pure and mostly organic. These traditional earth products are not only completely natural but also heal the skin and bring you into balance.