La Boutique Presents: Aromalogic

La Boutique Presents: Aromalogic

Looking good is one thing! But how about feeling good as well? That is the magical combination that Aromalogic offers you!

Since the 1990s, the lab at ‘House of Hulsman’ has been making products from luxurious plant oils and pure essences derived from plant juices, 100% pure and largely ecological. In addition to being derived from nature, these earth products are also naturally healing and help restore balance to your body.

The Aromalogic Store

The perfume specialist of the Dutch dance scene in the 90s, Valentine perfumed halls, buildings, and events with her natural essences. With her extensive work experience and knowledge gained from dermatologist and aromatherapist Monica Siebers (The Dutch founder of aromatherapy and founder of the Academy for Aromatherapy and Chi Int), Valentine started her own ‘Aromalogic Store’!

She started selling her products on the market after considering the positive effects of perfume and cosmetics on people. Unique, organic, and handmade are just a few keywords that describe her products. These range from €12.00 to €70.00, are available internationally and all come with an extensive description, which tells you what the product is for and how it can best be used.

The Benefits of Essential Oils

On top of their soothing and calming nature, essential oils also have several proven health benefits. Different essential oils are known to increase focus, combat headaches and anxiety, and kill bacteria and viruses. They are known to help with sleep, muscle aches and contain many antioxidants. Valentine uses different oils to create these benefits and more in her products, from her soothing skincare rich in antioxidants to her unique blends for health and relaxation.

Wish to stay young and die pretty? Shop Aromalogic now on La Boutique !

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