Meet Vera from Love, Nena

Meet Vera from Love, Nena

In this interview, we speak with Vera Magagnini, a third-generation goldsmith who creates empowering, responsible jewelry for her brand Love, Nena from her atelier in Amsterdam.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in Buenos Aires, and following my passion for design, I moved around and lived in different cities like Barcelona, NY, Beijing, and now Amsterdam for the last 14 years. I love this city and my circle of friends that I now call family, so I think I’m ready to settle :)

What is the story behind Love, Nena?

I come from a family with 3 generations of goldsmiths, so one day I decided to join the family tradition of making jewellery. It felt instinctive to apply my design experience to the metal as a way of creating a personal project that I can call my own. I think it’s also an homage to my family and my roots.

What was your biggest challenge in creating Love, Nena?

Managing the social media aspect of it… I’m good at designing, making, and planning, but not so good at exposing myself to others.

Do you have a favorite spot in Amsterdam? Why / What does it represent to you?

I have several favorite spots, but the one that comes to mind first is the botanical gardens. I go often to find clarity and ideas since my jewellery is inspired by nature.

What does local craftsmanship mean to you?

It means appreciation for a product that was made slowly and with a lot of care and dedication. I wish we could all value what is made by the people around us. There is a lot of talent out there.

What is your favorite item you’ve bought last year?

My new soldering torch, I’m a geek for tools.

What’s your favorite place of all the places you’ve traveled?

Home, with my cat and my plants.

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