boavista club

Boavista Club

Ethical fashion that supports women from our community: meet the Boavista Club.... 

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    Our mission is to create the online destination for sustainable shopping. Curating independent local brands that favor ethical practices and use sustainable materials.

    If you're looking to make conscious, sustainable purchasing decisions, you have come to the right place.

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    When you shop at La Boutique, you can feel good about your carbon footprint while supporting small businesses.

    Our products are sourced from sustainable and ethical brands, so you can be sure that you’re buying from a trustworthy and ethical source.

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    We want you to be live your best sustainable life!

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Solidly is founded by Marga and Emelie, who started their career as... 


Discover the perfect bag for you! Our collection of bags from sustainable local brands features handbags, backpacks and totes that are stylish, durable and eco-friendly. Find the perfect bag for your needs and make a fashion statement with a conscience!

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Carry Bottles

Carry Bottles

STAY HYDRATED. STAY HEALTHY. STAY HAPPY.With your CARRY Bottle, you are promoting... 

Serra Antwerp

Serra Antwerp

Contemporary home textiles in a color palette, inspired by the French Riviera... 

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