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Wilder Land

Holy Smokey Part II - Kombucha

Holy Smokey Part II - Kombucha

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If you say (un)herbal tea, we say (un)herbal tea kombucha! Holy Smokey Part Two has our Holy Smokey blend as a base and is already called the whiskey under the kombucha. At least by us. No wine with dinner? Let the kombucha pairing begin.


Meadowsweet, Smoked birch leaf, Mint, Scoby culture
, Sugar.

Flavor Profile

Rich, Smoky & Minty

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About Wilder Land

Together towards a Wilder Land.

We work with farmers, seasonings, and gourmets on a Wilder Land. We plant local and native crops from which we make the most delicious products. Which you can enjoy, which farmers can live off of, and which attract as many animal species as possible. Nature recovery to lick your fingers.